Keeping it Simple

For most RV owners, there’s no denying the idea of moving up to a Prevost can be a bit intimidating. The sheer size and weight of the bus platform, along with its cutting edge technologies and complicated systems, represent a huge step up from the average Class A motorhome.

Of course, one test drive is all it takes for most to discover that the Prevost is much easier to handle than a comparably sized motorhome. And as for its complexity – well, that’s something Emerald has addressed head-on.

“We surveyed customers about what they want in a coach, and we listened,” says John Walker, Emerald’s owner and president. “Simplicity and ease of use were at the top of the list. Customers made it very clear, they wanted every operation to be easy and repeatable. So we made that a priority, and it’s become a characteristic of the Emerald brand.”

Key to our success in doing so is a Creston-based control system that may be the simplest and easiest to operate ever designed.

“We program the Crestron ourselves with our own interface, and combine everything into one central control panel,” John continues. “You can also run it through your phone, tablet, or smart TV. And you don’t have to be an engineer to manage it.”

That goes for many of Emerald’s coach design features, as well. The lower bays have been redesigned to make key components like water pumps and filters much easier to access. Interior coach doors open and shut manually rather than by costly, often temperamental electronic control. And because we make no modifications to the original Prevost dashboard, it can be serviced routinely at any authorized Prevost service center. Again, the idea is to keep things as simple as possible.

Of course, problems do arise from time to time. But when they do, Emerald responds with a brand of service few convertors can match. Consider: every Emerald buyer is assigned a personal IT professional who’s available 24/7 and ready to do whatever it takes to resolve the issue.

The bottom line? “We’ve carved a unique niche for Emerald in the Prevost market, one that combines advanced technologies and peerless craftsmanship with simple, no-nonsense operation and superb customer service,” John Walker points out. “It makes owning and using a coach a lot less complicated and a lot more fun. What could be simpler than that?

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