• Our Process

    Every Emerald is completely customizable and designed to exceed your expectations. From the initial design process, through the finishing touches, Emerald coaches are manufactured with the utmost care, where every detail is taken into careful consideration. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is home to expert technicians, cutting-edge woodshop, talented craftsmen, and dedicated bays where our coaches move systematically. Each step of the process is crucial and carefully monitored to ensure that each coach meets our uncompromising quality standards. The result of our detailed process is a beautifully functioning, simple to use, and incredibly stunning Luxury Motorcoach.

  • We Start with the Best

    Emerald’s are built exclusively on the Prevost Chassis. Prevost’s integral chassis-body provides the strongest, safest, and most durable foundation in the motorcoach industry. The Prevost chassis is designed to provide superior performance, lasting value, and the assurance of safety. Prevost coaches also feature the world-renowned Volvo D-13 engine, which offers an outstanding balance of performance and fuel efficiency. Emerald is proud to build on both Prevost motorhome structures, the X3-45 VIP and H3-45 VIP. Through the integration of these superior design elements, Prevost coaches are the most prestigious platforms in the motorcoach industry. With an abundance of storage, safety, and reliability features, Prevost motorcoaches offer unparalleled performance, making them the ideal platform for Emerald.

  • Lightweight Framing Structure

    After years of research and engineering, Emerald Coach has developed a durable, lightweight structure that frames the interior of our motorhomes – the foundation for all of the interior fixtures and systems we create and install.

    The need for a strong yet lightweight structure to support cabinetry, fixtures, and furniture led us to benchmark best practices in not only yacht design, but also aircraft and aerospace technology – industries that face similar engineering challenges.

    The resulting solution not only helps minimize mass but also helps to distribute the coach’s weight as close to the ground as possible, which lower’s the coach’s center of gravity for improved handling and roll-resistance.

  • Our People

    The people of Emerald understand John Walker’s vision and work alongside his approach. The process is complex and detailed, but the result is the highest quality-built luxury motorcoach on the market. Emerald employees see the value in taking the time to manufacture coaches in the way they were intended to be built. Emerald is proud of the work they accomplish and thrive on enhancing every Emerald owner’s experience.

  • Our Warranty

    Emerald’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is backed by the best conversion coach warranty in the industry. Every new Emerald Luxury Coach conversion carries our comprehensive, 24-month warranty, including our 24/7 service hotline.

  • Our Dedication to You.

    First, each Emerald owner gets a dedicated IT professional that is on-call 24-7 to answer every question (no matter how large or small) so that you feel confident while on the road or in your driveway of how your luxury motorcoach functions and operates.

    Second, when the time arises that service is needed, we do it with more than 175 Prevost trained and certified service providers throughout the United States and Canada who are ready to serve you.


We believe that quality is the ability to exceed customer expectations consistently while delivering products and services that are reliable, durable, and perform as intended.