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Emerald Luxury

Emerald Luxury Coaches is CEO John Walker’s vision of an intentionally built Prevost Luxury Coach. The Emerald Coach is designed with an emphasis on unique owner experience. From its efficiency to simple technology controls, paired with an abundance of storage, every detail is taken into careful consideration.

The Future Is At Emerald Luxury Coaches.

  • We Start with the Best

    We built Emerald’s reputation as the best value Prevost on the market. There are many components that distinguish the quality of a Prevost’s unsurpassed structure. Prevost’s integral chassis-body provides the strongest, safest and most durable foundation in the motorcoach industry. Emerald owners love its comfortable drivability and superior ride. The stainless-steel upper assembly provides optimal structural integrity, longevity, and resistance to flex and deformation stresses. Every Emerald is exclusively built on the highest quality Prevost Chassis.

  • Our Process

    The people of Emerald understand John Walker’s vision and work alongside his detailed approach. The process is complex and detailed, but the result is the highest quality-built luxury motorcoach on the market. Emerald employees see the value in taking the time to manufacture coaches the way they were intended to be built. Every Emerald is completely customizable, and designed to exceed your expectations. Every detail is taken into careful consideration, resulting in a beautifully functioning, simple to use, and incredibly stunning Luxury Motorcoach.

  • Our Warranty

    Emerald’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is backed by the best conversion coach warranty in the industry. Every new Emerald Luxury Coach conversion carries our comprehensive, 24-month warranty, including our 24/7 service hotline.

  • The Emerald Experience

    As we continue to grow and introduce new features and technologies, it is quickly moving us to the forefront of the Prevost conversion field. We have built and perfected our skills to bring you the best Prevost Luxury Motorcoach experience. We have focused our efforts on building coaches that bring cutting edge technology and simple systems together, to make operating a highly functioning Motorcoach possible for anyone.

  • The Next Generation Of Refinement

    Our pride in design is passed to you in pride of ownership. Clean, Modern, and Simplistic. The Emerald coach is designed with the intention of being easily operated. We raise the bar in customer satisfaction by focusing on technology that is intuitive and simple to use, while also offering a 24-hour, on-call IT support team. Every build is truly art in motion and a motorcoach you can depend on. Our coaches are the result of our passion for perfection, driven by data, fact, and experience.

  • Quality Without Compromise.

    We design and build all our cabinetry with highly specialized craftsmanship to add individual value in every motorcoach. We create spaces that are both functional and beautiful; the key to a successful custom coach design. Every inch built into the Prevost Chassis is carefully placed with your needs and desires in mind. Maximizing counter space as well as living space is an aspect our design team goes great lengths to achieve. The result of our craftsmanship is a room built for living, working, and gathering with loved ones.

  • The Best Value Prevost On The Market.

    The Emerald formula is simple. Quality designs, quality materials, quality craftsmanship. Emerald represents a bold concept in world class motorcoaches. At Emerald, we are dedicated to delivering nothing less than the highest quality coaches and “the best value Prevost conversion on the market.”


  • Keeping Up With Emerald

    At Emerald, we enjoy bringing coach owners together to create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Every year from coast to coast Emerald attends events and rallies that bring Prevost owners together at the most exciting destinations. From weekend trips to week-long rallies, our events are carefully selected with Prevost owners in mind.

  • Proper Design Matters

    At Emerald, we design and build all of our interiors with highly specialized craftsmanship to add individual value to each and every motorcoach. We create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and simple to manage. Having a team who specializes in the design and craftsmanship of luxury motorcoaches is the key to Emerald’s success. Emerald is known for going above and beyond when it comes to the integrity of our work. You can trust your Emerald will be the highest quality coach on the road.

  • Proud To Be Prevost:  Emerald is proud to be Prevost and we know you will too.

    • Integral Structure

    Strongest, Safest, Most Durable in the Industry

    • Stainless Steel Structure

    The stainless-steel upper assembly provides optimal structural integrity, longevity, and resistance to flex and deformation stresses.

    • The Prevost Beam

    This structural innovation adds strength to accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slide-outs without reducing cargo space.

    • Frameless Windows

    Prevost-patented, customized, frameless windows provide a sleek exterior look and abundant natural light that contributes to the expansive feel of Prevost interiors.

  • Serving You 24/7

    Emerald is here to serve you. We understand traveling on the road can be intimidating, but with Emerald and Prevost services you are never alone. Owning an Emerald means you have over 175 Prevost trained and certified service providers at your call 24/7.  In addition Emerald and Prevost have over 160 service centers located throughout the United States. Emerald gives you the confidence and ability to travel with ease.

Starting with the best shell in the industry, Emerald maintains the highest level of quality throughout the conversion process – using only the finest and most durable equipment, hardware and materials on the market.

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